Sunday, January 30, 2022

 Why We Need a Jan.6 Insurrection Investigation

2021 a band of hooligans stormed the United States Capital building. (video) Make no mistake in thinking otherwise, this was an attempted coup of the United States Government. The intent of the mob (there's no more accurate way to describe them) was to stop the certification of the 2020 election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Biden was declared the legitimate winner and, though the Trump organization issued challenge after challenge concerning the results of the election, over 40 different judges (Republican and Democrat) ruled that there were no irregularities in the voting. The mob crashing the Capital gates yelling "stop the steal." The video here is a shortened version of the one witnessed by the Jan. 6 commission. It depicts a group of mad idealogues assaulting policemen, destroying property, and threatening to--believe it or not--hang Vice President Mike Pence.
Warning: this video contains obscene language and violence.