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Favorite Music

Here some of my favorite groups and samples of their music

Yumi Zouma 

Yumi Zouma are an alternative pop band from New Zealand. The band consists of Christie Simpson (vocals, keyboards), Josh Burgess (guitar, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards), Charlie Ryder (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards), and Olivia Campion (drums). The band's name is an amalgamation of the two friends that encouraged the group to start writing together.[1]  (Wikipedia)



The Brae


Puro Instinct--

Puro Instinct created two topnotch albums (IMHO) before disbanding in 2016. The band's singers were two sisters, Piper and Skylar Kaplan, both Angelenos. Skylar, a teenager at the time the albums were produced, played some beautifully haunting guitar melodies. 

The following description, from says it best.
Puro Instinct is a Los Angeles-based cosmic-pop duo comprised of sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan. Together they make music that calls on city-lights against breezy palm backdrops, lavish textures, foam on the tides, untamed hair flowing, acid-dance-moves under disco balls and girlish sensuality.

I've selected two of my favorite songs, here, one from each of their two albums.
I should mention that Piper Kaplan now sings lead for the band, Maraschino. 

Luv Goon    (from Headbangers in Ecstasy)


Electric Youth 

“Innocence” by Electric Youth

Electric Youth are a synth pop group based in Toronto. Almost all of their music has a very positive vibe, and although "Innocence" is my favorite, they're probably best know song is "Real Hero" 


Sofi Tukker  

The name combines the first name of this duo. Sofi Hawley-Weld sings lead and plays guitar, and Tukker Halpern, who plays synthesizer keyboard, DJs, and sings. They both collaborate to write their songs. They met while in college (Brown University) and have been playing cool music (IMHO) ever since. 

                                                                  "Drinkee" (Official Video)

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